The Art of Pyrography

Practical Pyrography & Wood-burning Teachings



Allow me to introduce myself!

I’m Petra! I’ve been creating practical and unique handmade creations since 1991 when I became a mom. And it’s been taking a hold of me ever since.

I’m a self-taught Artist and discovered pyrography in 2005. Since then I have spent learning and perfecting my techniques.

The Art of Pyrography launched in January 2020 to share with you my passion for wood-burning, the how-tos, patterns, and workshops to help you get started with this art form.

My art for sale can be found at Create A Handmade Life. Creating handmade art is never too far away and I set out to find ways on how to make my multiple passions and talents work. What you will find at the Create a Handmade Life is the result of my creativity. 

Professional Bio

Author + Artist + Coach + Mentor + Consultant and the CEO of The Rebels Den. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling.

Petra is a bit of a mix that combines part dreamer, part doer and total metalhead with a serious aversion of fitting in. Petra mixes mindset ninja skills + strategic steps to empowerment for dreams + goals to become a reality.

She is a bit quirky, a little wild at times and the nonconforming CEO of The Rebels Den, who has a fierce passion and drive for helping creatives, misfit and rebels to love + accept themselves and follow their dreams + focus on their goals.